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Useful Links

The links below are those that I have either found helpful in my educational and clinical practice, or contain valuable information related to what I have done, offered and / or taught. I hope that you find this information as useful as I have and as always, contact me with any questions, comments or something of interest that you have found and would like to share!

Personal Contributions

Handouts, articles and other material associated with my educational endeavors. I will use this link as a reservoir for any printable or viewable material associated with training provided by either myself or other Survival Flight staff for ease of access and downloading. 


Organization and Productivity


Evernote is a powerful desktop and mobile program designed to organize notes and websites into logical thoughts and projects. Anytime I find something related to my interests in Instructional technology and design, I save it to Evernote and organize it based upon categories or open projects. I can take a picture, link a website or jot notes into the app on my phone, and then expand when I get to a computer. Great for people who are always "on the go" and don't want to lose a great thought or idea. 

Organization and Productivity


Gliffy helps me create flowcharts, diagrams and algorithms. It is web-based and can be saved as JPEG, PNG or PDF files. I have used Gliffy to create organization to projects and as part of my 21st Century Lesson Plan, designed to help my new flight nurses with decision making. 

Medical SImulation

Laerdal Medical

Laerdal Medical is dedicated to helping save lives with product solutions, services, and system solutions that support the Chain of Survival. Thier innovative line of patient simulators provides a powerful training environment for healthcare providers of all disciplines

Medical Simulation


Innovative medical simulation technology utilizing Apple iPads and an airport connection. Allows simulation training virtually anywhere (classrooms, in the back of an aircraft or ambulance, simulation centers etc...). Great for table top discussions or adding high fidelity to low fidelity manikins



A software system that turns powerpoint into creative and engaging eLearning. Articulate has several products designed to meet your individual needs. Create interactive courses, branched scenarios or guided presentations. In addition, Articulate has amazing customer support and a fabulous eLearning community to help you with bugs, challenges or creative ideas. 





eduCanon is an online learning environment to build and share interactive video lessons. You can start with any video and quickly create an interactive learning lesson. You can also download from video sites like YouTube or Vimeo. I like the feature that allows me to assign and track learner progress. The best thing about this is that it has a mobile app so learners can participate in eLearning virtually anywhere!



Canvas is one of the most functional Learning Management Systems (LMS) that I have used to date. As the LMS platofr for the University of Michigan, I was given space in which to create my initial training program for flight nurses. It has exceeded my needs and expectations. The site easily revolves around the author's content. It is customizeable, and works seamlessly with YouTube, Google Docs, Khan Academy and dozens of other third-party services.  

Technology Designed to Make Life Easier


Screencasting and video editing made incredibly easy! Teaching with video is powerful and camtasia allows you to do this. Whether it is creating a quick video demo or an extensive video project, this program has all of the tools that you need, plus a few extras for the addition of creative effects and providing engagement. When you are finished, there are several easy sharing options. Best yet, they are based in the Lansing, MI area!

Technology Designed to Make Life Easier


Create your own website. Dozens of customizable templates, hundreds of features for making your website your own and fabulous technical support! This site was created with Wix!



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